Help Center – Abs Workout

  • Diet suggestion?

At this moment, our app only shows burned calories’ statistics. Expect more detailed charts for body measurements, weight tracker, BMI and more in oneof the future updates. Also, you can download our ‘Calorie counter’ app which offers a diet plan for weight loss.

  • The best time to do exercises?

We recommend 18h (reminder in app is also set at that time), but you can do it whenever you want as long as you don’t eat a couple of hours before the training.

  • Workouts seem easy?

At the beginning the workouts might seem easy for very active users, but with time they’ll get harder. At the end, what counts is the end result, and we assure you – you’ll be satisfied with it.

  • Resting time too long?

You can adjust resting time by entering the app and going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Edit rest duration’. You can change time after exercise and after stretching.

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