Calorigram – Calorie Counter app

The Secret of Success

Calorie counter (app) is happy when you decide that enough is enough and the change is inevitable. The key difference is we won’t let you give up this time for real!

Food tracker

….will give you freedom to enjoy healthy takes on the food you love. Without extreme diet and with solid nutrition plan you can manipulate calories while nourishing your taste and smell receptors.

Macros food tracker

…so you know how many of what you eat in the weeks and months to come. Proteins, carbs and fats affect your hunger and satiety hormones differently and our unique algorithm will get you a perfect ratio of each one.

Nutrition database

…with over 3 millions items to make sure you eat various and super healthy food. Plus, we have a unique manually checked database so you get most precise calorie information and serving size units on the market right in your phone.

Manual reminders

…that works like a gentle tap on the shoulder so you can better organize your weight loss or healthy eating habits and be consistent.

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What Our Users Say

“I like this app. It helps me manage my food intake so that it is more balanced. I especially turn to it when I am trying to lose somw weight and want to keep track of the calories included in my food.”

– Mary Shick Alshabab

“I wish to Thank this Calorigram’s app because it helped me lose the last 15 kg that i wanted to get rid off and i lost them from July to December 2021 i was 85kg now i am down to 51kg i lost 34kg now but half way i couldnt lose more but with the help of this app i lost it all i lost the 34kg . I will recommend this to everyone.”

– Zabrina Barbara

“What a great app. Has everything I need currently. Already seeing positive results after just two weeks of use with eating better and losing weight. My doctor will be happy 😁

– M Shif

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