Lose Belly Fat & Get In Shape

The Secret of Success

Lose Belly Fat & Get In Shape is a core workout for women that you can do at home to tone abs and gain that slim waist you’ve always wanted. These home workouts for flat stomach are created to suit your fitness goals, training level and experience. You’ll have access to lots of workouts for abs, a virtual fitness coach with training videos and you’ll be able to track your progress easily. If you’ve been waiting for a killer abs workout or exercise for slim waist that’s tailored to your needs, then Lose Belly Fat & Get In Shape is a perfect choice for you!

Progress tracker

Track progress with the calorie and weight tracker, body fat percentage calculator, and BMI and body measurements charts.

Fitness coach

A personal trainer you can carry in your pocket. Simply press “Start” and it will guide you through the whole exercise process step by step whenever and wherever you want.

Video guides and Tips

Fluent animations with video guides and detailed descriptions will help you easily learn every abs exercise and be 100% safe from injuries.

600+ unique abs training sessions

Up to 12-week long plans with daily core workouts, plus 30 standalone keep-fit sessions with 3 difficulty levels each.

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