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Ascendik is a mobile-focused software development company that takes on the ideas of startups and businesses requirements to build high-quality products. We believe in creating a fan base of clients, vendors, and employees by providing exceptional products.

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Cellphone with Night Shift - Blue Light Filter app design on it's screen

Night Shift – Blue Light Filter

Night Shift is an ideal blue light filter application for mobile phones or tablets used to protect eyes from blue wavelength emitted by a screen. It offers good eye care during night reading in bed and protects from blue light that can disrupt normal sleep cycles and cause insomnia.


Drink Water Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker

Drink Water Reminder is an optimal water drinking reminder, which will help you keep fit and stay hydrated every day while improving your water diet and providing health benefits. Therefore, the app will track daily water intake using a single tap water logging and remind you when you forget to drink water in a while.

A cellphone with the Drink Water Reminder app design on it's screen

Abs Workout – Six Pack in 30 Days

Abs Workout – Six Pack in 30 Days is a personal trainer app that helps you build amazing abs muscles and core strength using our 30-day abs challenge. We packed sit ups and crunches in a scientifically proven ab exercise workout plans like HIIT workout and tabata training. Lose belly fat and do a flat stomach workout for rock hard oblique and 6 pack abs in no time. This fat burning workout program for abs for men or women is used to burn calories and as your personal trainer for both workout at home and gym workout program.

What Our Users Say About Our Apps

“I LOVE IT! It’s very useful. I’m very very satisfied. Now I can use my phone every night…”

A satisfied user of Night Shift

“Beautiful design and really affects me in a positive way! Thanks guys!

A satisfied user of Drink Water Reminder

“This app has saved me from countless migraines…Thank you very much for making this app…”

A satisfied user of Night Shift

Our Awesome Team

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Nikola Radenković

Co-Founder & Developer

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Marko Nikolić

Co-Founder & Developer

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Vladica Stanković

Co-Founder & Designer

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Đorđe Nikolić

Android Developer

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Teodora Hafner

Android Developer