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About us

Ascendik is a world-leading health & fitness mobile software development company based in the City of Niš, Serbia. Our main goal is to help our users, as well as our employees in creating healthy habits. Working in an enjoyable environment, only 6 hours per day is our way to do it! Boosted happiness, increased productivity and more free time for us and our employees is something that comes naturally with this work ethic. Our products reflect our work atmosphere and for that we have countless positive reviews and more users each and every second. It’s not about the quantity anymore, it’s about the quality.

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Quillio – Diary & Mood tracker

This diary with a lock is the best daily journal and notes keeper in the writing apps category. Write in the notepad and use our lovely mood tracker emojis. It also supports adding photos and audio recordings. Personalize this journal with our beautiful themes and luxury fonts. Sync with Dropbox to keep your diary entries accessible on all your devices or export it as a PDF file to print it.

🏆 Featured in the Top 10 Journaling Apps for Android list by Life Lab Magazine
🏆 4.7 stars and more than 25,000 reviews
🏆 More than 1 million happy users


Calorigram – Calorie Counter, Nutrition & Healthy Diet plan

Calorie counter app will help you with your health goal, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, or getting fit. 🥑 How many times have you started your diet and quitted? 🤔 Well, this calorie calculator will make sure you accomplish your body and health goals and start leading a healthy life. Additionally, the food tracker will note the nourishment you’re consuming. 📗

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Abs Workout – Six Pack Training & Ab Exercises

Abs Workout is a personal trainer app that helps you build an amazing six pack body and core strength using personalized abs challenges. We packed sit ups, crunches, and other ab exercises in scientifically proven plans using HIIT and Tabata training techniques. Lose belly fat and burn calories with our flat stomach workout. Get rock-hard 6 pack abs in no time using top-rated abs workout program.

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Drink Water Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker

Drink water on time and maintain water balance in your body, thanks to the drink water reminder app. 💧 Not only is water essential to our life, but it can bring a lot of health benefits too and even help you with a weight loss diet. ✔️ Water tracker has a smart drink water reminder working by your schedule. It will notify you daily when to drink water. ⏲️ So, don’t hesitate; being hydrated has never been easier with this water tracker. 💦 Start using water drinking reminder as soon as possible, and your body will be grateful! ✨

🏆 Featured in the Best New Year’s resolution apps for Android for 2020 list by Android Central
🏆 Recommended in The best Android apps that keep yourself hydrated list by Nerdschalk
🏆 4.8 stars and more than 16,000 reviews
🏆 More than 1 million happy users

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Cellphone with Night Shift - Blue Light Filter app design on it's screen

Night Shift – Blue Light Filter

Night Shift is an ideal blue light filter application for mobile phones or tablets used to protect eyes from blue wavelength emitted by a screen. It offers good eye care during night reading in bed and protects from blue light that can disrupt normal sleep cycles and cause insomnia.

🏆 Featured in The Best Migraine Apps of 2020 list by Healthline
🏆 4.7 stars and more than 90,000 reviews
🏆 More than 4 million happy users


What Our Users Say About Our Apps

“This app has saved me from countless migraines…Thank you very much for making this app…”

A satisfied user of Night Shift

“What a great app! I know you may think “how hard is it to remember to drink water?”, But if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated. This little reminder helps me to stop and hydrate throughout the day when I’m busy.”

A satisfied user of Drink Water Reminder

“Very neat, straightforward & easy to use…Keep up the good work…”

A satisfied user of Diary