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Quillio - My Diary with Lock

Quillio – My Diary with Lock

This diary with a lock is the best daily journal and notes keeper in the writing apps category. Write in the notepad and use our lovely mood tracker emojis. It also supports adding photos and audio recordings. Personalize this journal with our beautiful themes and luxury fonts. Sync with Dropbox to keep your diary entries accessible on all your devices or export it as a PDF file to print it.

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A cellphone with the Calorie Counter app design on it's screen

Calorigram – Calorie Counter & Food Tracker

Calorie counter app will help you with your health goal, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, or getting fit. How many times have you started your diet and quitted? Well, this calorie calculator will make sure you accomplish your body and health goals and start leading a healthy life. Additionally, the food tracker will note the nourishment you’re consuming.

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Cellphone with Night Shift - Blue Light Filter app design on it's screen

Abs Workout – Six Pack Training & Ab Exercises

Abs Workout is a personal trainer app that helps you build an amazing six pack body and core strength using personalized abs challenges. We packed sit ups, crunches, and other ab exercises in scientifically proven plans using HIIT and Tabata training techniques. Lose belly fat and burn calories with our flat stomach workout. Get rock-hard 6 pack abs in no time using top-rated abs workout program.

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Water Tracker App Store

Drink Water Tracker & Reminder

Drinking water only when you feel thirsty isn’t enough. Being thirsty means that you’re already dehydrated, so you have to drink water more often. This water tracker app will help you stay hydrated by calculating how much fluid your body needs daily and reminding you to drink water regularly. Regular H2O intake has many health benefits and even helps with a weight loss diet.

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What Our Users Say About Our Apps

“I’ve used for a while now and really like it. I like being able to make individual entries, tag entries, and add picture & sound clips. It helps me be more grateful and positive. It also helps me get the negative thoughts out and view them more subjectively. Love the app.”

A satisfied user of Quillio

“I love this app! In the first 2 weeks I lost 2 inches off my waist, which I’m pleased with. After recent abdominal surgery, the exercises help me regain strength and fitness. The app has an English voice and it’s easy to follow the exercises. Both before and at the end of exercises, countdowns are helpful. I feel motivated to continue with workouts!”

A satisfied user of Abs Workout

“I wish to Thank this Calorigram’s app because it helped me lose the last 15 kg that i wanted to get rid off and i lost them from July to December 2021 i was 85kg now i am down to 51kg i lost 34kg now but half way i couldnt lose more but with the help of this app i lost it all i lost the 34kg . I will recommend this to everyone.”

A satisfied user of Calorigram