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  • Android 8+ notification bar and lockscreen not filtering?

In the last v3.11 update, you can filter notification and lock screen areas on your device. In order to have this feature, accessibility service has to be enabled in system settings. You can find a shortcut in the Night Shift settings which will lead you to the phone accessibility settings to enable filtering service.

P.S. When this service is enabled, you can as usual play/pause filter, but you can not stop the application before you disable accessibility service.

  • Filter turning off?

Can you check if the schedule switch is off?

Low available memory on the device could cause this, try cleaning up some unused apps and media. Another cause might be killing background tasks, if you do this manually or have any app do this for you, it might kill the filter as well.

Try restarting your device, and lower your system brightness.

P.S. If you are using Android 7.1 or later on your device, the system can auto disable the filter while operating on sensitive screens (like permissions, accessibility, etc.)

  • Schedule not working?

Please check if the schedule switch is on, and the AM/PM setting is correct. Also, the timing is inexact and could be late up to 60 seconds, and this is to decrease power usage.

Maybe some power saving or cleaner apps on your device interfere with the schedule or you have low available memory, try cleaning up some unused stuff or try restarting your device.

This issue may also be caused by Doze feature, which represents battery optimization in Android 6 and higher. You should disable battery optimization for this app so it will not interfere with the schedule, by following these steps:
1. Open the Settings menu on your device and tap Battery.
2. Tap the more button on the action bar at the top right (…), and choose Battery optimization.
3. On the Battery optimization screen, switch to the All apps list from the drop-down to see all of the apps on your device. Tap Night Shift from the menu and choose Don’t optimize.

  • Unable to Restore Purchase (Pro Upgrade) on other devices

If you bought the standalone Pro version of the app from the store, you don’t automatically unlock the upgrade on the Free version, but must use the same standalone Pro version for all your devices. Use this link to download standalone Pro version:
Otherwise, if you have made an in-app purchase in order to unlock the Free version, please continue reading.

If you have reinstalled an app, reset your Android device, or got a new Android device, you can regain access to the Pro Upgrade purchase you have made. To do this, ensure you sign into Google Play with the same Google account you used to buy Night Shift Pro Upgrade. Your in-app purchase is tied to your Google account. When you install the Night Shift app and launch it, the application should automatically query Google Play and check for in-app purchase you’ve made, restoring it for you.

However, the app may not immediately restore your purchase. You may have to wait several minutes for it to check or manually update Google Play by doing following steps:

1. Go to phone settings.
2. Go to “Apps” or “Application manager”.
3. Scroll down, and touch Google Play Store.
4. Tap on the menu button (3 dots at the top right corner), and then Uninstall updates.
5. Touch the back arrow to return to the list of apps.
6. Scroll down, and touch Google Play Services.
7. Go to Storage and tap Clear cache.
8. Now again touch the back arrow to return to the list of apps, find Night Shift app, clear the cache like in the previous step, then go back and force stop the app.
9. Once you are done performing the above step, go back to the device’s home screen and relaunch the Play Store. Your Play Store app should update to the latest version within a few minutes.
10. Just tap on the menu button from within the Play Store app and go to Settings. Scroll down until you see Play Store Version. Tap on that to check for an update.
11. Relaunch Night Shift app and check if you are facing the same issue.

  • Overlay Detected?

Android system requires that the filter is paused while operating on sensitive screens (like permissions, accessibility, etc.). It is not possible to detect this, so you have to pause the filter manually when “Overlay Detected” dialog appears, then close the dialog and finish the sensitive action.

  • App using too much battery?

Android 7.1-

Our app is using 0% battery in 99% of our users and is even saving battery in some cases. You can verify this by going to Settings / Battery and finding our app’s battery usage.

Android 8+

System notification about the app’s battery consumption is a false alarm for our app. Feel free to disable this system notification if it is annoying. Otherwise, stop the app using the “X” button instead of pause, so this notification will not show when the filter is not used.

  • Too much CPU or RAM memory usage?

CPU and RAM usage greatly improves in the v3.01 update and we are working on improving the resource usage even more. Please get all the updates as soon as they are available to ensure optimal performance.

  • Taking screenshots

Android system requires that filter is paused while operating on sensitive screens like taking screenshots. It is not possible to detect this, so you have to pause the filter manually before doing it.

  • Default filter color could be better

You can create as many new filters as you want with any darkness level or color you like by pressing the “+” button.

  • Widget not working?

The widget functionality is greatly improved in the v3.01 update and we are working on improving the widget functionality even more. Please get all the updates as soon as they are available to ensure optimal widget functionality.

If it still not working, you can always reset the widget functionality by deleting old and adding the new widget again.

  • Some elements don’t have the effect applied?

Sorry for the inconvenience. The Android system does not allow us to filter certain floating elements like the volume tab. Google now forbids this, for security purpose, and we cannot do anything about it.

  • Landscape or multiwindow mode not available?

We are aware of this feature importance and we are sorry it is not available yet, but we are working on it and it will be one of the new features in next update.

  • Coloring over blacks?

The Android system doesn’t allow us to draw only over exact colors. This function is available only for rooted phone systems.

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